Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lincoln Hill Road: view of the Nolan Farm.

30-28  F  windy! mostly sunny
Here is where I ended up today, a new scene but in a familiar neighborhood.  12 x 16, I'm getting dagerously low on panels, this is an old one and I had used a finer cotton canvas so the surface didn't have much tooth to it, not good.

This is my scene at the start, about 4:15,  spring time, I had passed the spot twice, I wanted the barn and silo against the mid and far hills, but when I saw the vista with the road, and the row of trees in the foreground Yes!

I started off way too yellow,  I needed to tone down the white in the sky because it was darker than the reflected light on the snow in the middle ground, but it shouldn't have been that yellow. I put it on with a knife.

Darks, they always go better in the foreground.

I'm loosing my light/shadow in the foreground, and I'm never able to remember how much it changes, and it's only 1 1/4 hr. I had plenty of time for the middle ground and the far hills, in retrospect I should have done the foreground first.

Now I've got the barns in, but still have trouble with the sun/shadows of rhe road.


weird huh?

The scene at the end,  the camera does weird things, sometimes it would seem to help, like now, but that's the challenge, the eye is better than the machine always, ant nature is better than anything, this is my blog, I can say what I want!

Some people have clean and organized pallets, that would not be me.

Easy, it was cold still the wind really drops the chill down, I had to grab the easel many times today, managed to keep it from going over, this is 200 yards from the one that went into the snowbank in January,

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