Saturday, March 8, 2014

Owlkill Creek, the familiar and the strange, today.

43  F  a bit of sun early,  mostly cloudy.

Here's the "money shot" from today, I needed the flash, so the tones look weird.   I needed the familiar today, so what is strange? life is strange and each day we get to experience what life is like the day after what happened yesterday, I can't think of anything more strange than that.

Here is the start. I was feeling pretty wiped out today, so I thought if I could just get out there and  get a small one going....

I've done this exact scene many times, and a friend was admiring the one from June of last year, ( at my opening last night) so it was in my head, and when your tired, a familiar scene is just what you want.

Ultimately monochromatic, the end is near...(of winter) 

 I added the brambles at the bottom just before I packed it up.  Maybe it needs more.

Her is my scene at the start, notice the light, the sun was out before it wasn't, I spent a total of less than an hour to paint.   the panel is 8 x 10
Here is my spot, Yes I'm in the road, but not many cars go by, I can park 20 yards away so it's an easy commute. 


  1. Interesting, a very different light than on your Thursday's painting. How was your opening on Friday? Hope there were many people there and a good atmosphere!

  2. Thanks Chani, you get the award for the best commentator on this blog! the light was indeed very different, Thursday was sunny, yesterday was mostly cloudy and ended very cloudy, and that ended up in the paint! The opening was great, living in a small town means you know a lot of people, so if I don't know some one I'll know their friend, and that's always good.

    1. I do my best, Matt :-) Yes, living in a small town (and next to the nature) has a lot of advantages, I am also enjoying it every day after having spent so many years in bigger cities.