Saturday, March 8, 2014

Owlkill Creek, the familiar and the strange, today.

43  F  a bit of sun early,  mostly cloudy.

Here's the "money shot" from today, I needed the flash, so the tones look weird.   I needed the familiar today, so what is strange? life is strange and each day we get to experience what life is like the day after what happened yesterday, I can't think of anything more strange than that.

Here is the start. I was feeling pretty wiped out today, so I thought if I could just get out there and  get a small one going....

I've done this exact scene many times, and a friend was admiring the one from June of last year, ( at my opening last night) so it was in my head, and when your tired, a familiar scene is just what you want.

Ultimately monochromatic, the end is near...(of winter) 

 I added the brambles at the bottom just before I packed it up.  Maybe it needs more.

Her is my scene at the start, notice the light, the sun was out before it wasn't, I spent a total of less than an hour to paint.   the panel is 8 x 10
Here is my spot, Yes I'm in the road, but not many cars go by, I can park 20 yards away so it's an easy commute.