Monday, March 31, 2014

Shushan Rd. wind and a painting buddy!

34  F cloudy gusting winds

I had to hang on to the easel today it was so windy!

#270 Shushan Rd.

12 x 16


But more important, I painted with my friend, Cindy Rosen!

It was cold cloudy and very windy, but we had a good time!

This is the road from Salem to Shushan, I've wanted to paint this but just never got over here, nice!

My start, the wind made it hard to deal.

It's a beautiful spot, but hanging onto the easel was ridiculous!

Colors were very subtle today, and toward the end of the session, the clouds moved back off the horizon.


 I'm tempted to take it back because there are things I like about it, but a bunch of things that didn't get done.

I'm not sue why I put in the yellow line.

Cindy took this of me, as you can see I'm hanging onto the easel with my winter gloves, but it's still the best picture of me painting.

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