Friday, March 21, 2014

The Mohawk is not a punk haircut.

36  F mostly cloudy WINDY!
I found it! that grand view of the Mohawk River!

1st block in.

Once I got to the spot, it was like "Yeah, baby" your looking over this vast expanse of river, and you're up high, no bother that the road just behind the guard rail is going 60 MPH.

I took Emma and her friend to the movies in "retail land" and planned to continue on to find a river view, it took a while, but I was rewarded.

The forecast called for clearing skies true and calming wind, false. The wind was ferocious most of the time.

 I didn't get started until 4:45, actually painting, and I could have told you where the sun would be in an hour.....

Here is my scene at the start. the clouds were breaking up, and the brightness was only hinted at here. But I'm a repeat offender of this, so maybe it's OK. (except for that part about looking into the sun)

Once I got here I felt safe, no pedestrians can sneak up on me!

I could have looked this way.....

This is in the town of Clifton Park, NY, and I was happy to find such a majestic view in the suburbs.


  1. A beautiful big river! Thanks for sharing. On the last picture, there is no snow any longer, but still ice on the river, isn't it?

  2. Thanks Chani, I told Ollie he has a secret admirer! (he's thrilled!) there is still snow, and I was surprised myself at how much ice is on the rivers, I found a spot of open water today that I just posted, Matt