Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Back at Up and Over Farm, what a difference a day makes!

45  F  Sunny, looks like spring!
I wasn't satisfied that the painting was finished yesterday, and today was so nice, bright, and warm I knew if I didn't take it back today I'd never get back.

This is where I started today (same place I ended yesterday), but this time I had to work with what I had, meaning that I couldn't change the entire thing, so the general tones were untrue for the day and I tried to ad lib.

The point of "alla prima" is that it stays fresh and immediate, all good. But this had a lot of detail in the buildings and I re-did the yellow lines in he road...

We'll look at it and see.

Everything about this looks different that yesterday, and where does that leave the work?  sometimes maybe it's better to accept what you got for that day, then start out again fom the start.


  1. I suppose you could paint this spot every day one month long and it would always be different (the light, the sky, the vegetation growing)... Well done anyway.

  2. This is true, Chani, not only is the light different but the painter is different; the seer and the seen, all in flux...... Thanks, as always appreciated!