Monday, April 14, 2014

Cambridge Creek, outback with a tick!

75  F  sun turning to overcast,
Now that it's nice out I've got a lot of delayed grounds work, but I got an hour or so after that to paint, so I went out back.

#279 Cambridge Creek, outback

9 x 12


I did this exact scene this winter and it's on my card. there was snow then.

I'm putting on the dark using the paint out of the tube and taking advantage of the texture of the canvas, so it's sketch in places, where I don't want it too dark.

There was a bit of the fresh grass  in this scene, but I chose it for the creek and where the sun was.

This went quick.

I was trying to figure out the actual color of the dead brambles, there a light ocher with reddish places, and when the sun hits it's all washed out so it's more whiteish.....

Water is still the hardest thing to get. I's not monochrome, but it's close.

This is where I ended up, I think painting a lot helps to practice getting it right, and that's good, right?

OK, so we have this as our backyard, and I'm silly to think it's just a backyard, with a creek, a pond, barns, a bridge, so why do I pant anywhere else?

Oh here is where I was attacked by the tick, there out there spreading contagion, so beware!

This is from January 19, 2014

Cambridge Creek outback

11 x 14



  1. Well done! The sun is missing, but a very nice place. I wish I could have such a backyard (without ticks of course)!

  2. Thanks Chani, It had gotten hazy by the time I got out to paint, (when the sun's out I'm wanting to be out too!) anyway it is a pretty great place and I'm not yet fully switched over to summer mode, (sunscreen, insect repellent, tick protection, how quickly things change!)