Thursday, April 24, 2014

Flower Creek Falls, &Rt. 30, Pawlet Vt.

56  F  Sunny with some clouds, windy!
I painted with Cindy today after we met at S.V.A.C. to drop off some paintings, so she thought Pawlet would be fun and she was right!

#281 Flower Creek Pawlet

9 x 12


I thought the most dramatic part of this quaint little village was the falls, it was hard to get a good view of them

It was a dark scene, except for the falling water, and the painting ended up monochrome.

At this point I don't know what to think (or say)

There wasn't much light that wasn't on the waterfall, mostly the concrete edge.

I wasn't sure what I was doing, mostly working on the water, and what wasn't water. the light off the concrete gave me some trouble.....

Here is where I ended up!

There was plenty of color around, I just chose a monochrome secne.

This is the Bridge over the creek. I had wanted to paint from there looking up at the waterfall, but someone said I wasn't supposed to go there.......


  1. I like the way you painted the falling water, it is so lively! (And I am glad you did not paint the truck above it ;-)

  2. Thank you Chani! for some reason, this came out looking "other worldly" if that makes any sense, the truck showed up at the very end (and was out of the picture anyway!)