Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hoosck River @ Buskirk Bridge, today 2 years since the re- boot and a painting from 1980

 49 F  clouds clearing, some wind
This is where I ended up today.

#284 Hoosick River @ Buskirk's Bridge.

11 x 14


I did this quick sketch too, just before the one above.

#283 Hoosick River  Oil on paper

5 1/2 x 8


I thought it might be fun to get a real quick sketch out on paper, maybe I'll try monotone next time.

The light was on the scene and bright, my panel was in the shade, which I like, but it'll end up hard to get my darks dark enough.

I thought it was a good start....

It would be a handy excuse to say my light changed, which it did, I just didn't get the contrast that I needed.

All too light, or maybe the darks aren't pushed enough.

Getting close.....

 This is also where I ended up.

Here is my scene.


The money shot.

I liked what happened, I just couldn't chase it!

This painting is from 1980 I did it at Bennington college when I was a 2nd term freshman, I was 18 years old. I stopped doing work like this, but I kept this painting kicking around. I did a lot of other stuff, painting, sculpture, building of all kinds. Two years ago today, I "re-booted" this type of painting in my life.

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