Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hudson Falls is named for this:

Here is the link to an article in Outdoor painter; My favorite place to paint: the Battenkill.

54  F  Sunny windy!
The Falls. The money shot.

#275 Hudson River @  Hudson Falls

12 x 16


Mr tone is a bit dark and brown, so I started with the sky, and the white water.

 Darks and grays .

I put the 2nd mix of blue on with the pallet knife, it was still too blue.

The first blue was too blue and too dark so I slathered on more white.

My light stayed nice and constant. I had a 2 1/2 hour session today!

I spent some time trying to get the variations in the water.....

Adding just a few details....

Here is where I ended up.

Here is my scene, I drove up here 40 minutes or so to paint at a different spot, but it didn't feel right, this was a park, with real easy access and I loved the falls.

I keep finding great places to paint, this one is safe, legal and beautiful!

This is the old road bridge, and is no longer carrying traffic, which is on a new bridge just behind this one.

The structure on the right is a power plant, and it might have been cool to paint from there.....

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