Friday, April 11, 2014

Mahaffey Rd, Greenwich, NY.

67  F  Sunny with clouds moving in. Beautiful!
The "money shot" the sky was getting overcast by now.

#276 Mahaffy Rd. Greenwich

9 x 12


First blocks.

My first concern for the scene was the road, and the arc it made at the bottom of the picture. I couldn't get a better spot for it.

I've been liking the way roofs reflect light when there in thickets of trees and bushes.

To compensate for the weird road, I included the ditch and brambles on the left, and split the 2nd silo on the right, I'm not sure exactly why but it felt right.

The addition of trees means I'm finishing up, and at this point I put in what I hope will improve the painting.

Getting close....

OK here we ended, in the end the feeling of an overcast day, but not totally.

The scene when I started, much sunnier than the end, a total of 1 1/2 hours. plus finding the spot and setting up.


  1. So, how many cars freaked out when they rounded that bend? :)

  2. In the meanwhile, some spots becomes familiar to me so that I almost have got the impression that I have been there ;-) Well done.

  3. Very nice, Matt. We have 2 silos just a block away and I've thought many times it would make a wonderful painting.

    1. Thanks Kate, I do like the silos and barns, especially in the landscape.

  4. Hi Matt, It's always fun to see the progression of your paintings. Cheers!

  5. Thanks Marsha, I enjoy the process, and think it's a worth while thing to blog.