Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Maxwell Rd. So where's the green?

67  F  Hazy sun before clouds and a few drops....
It's been a week since I last painted, so like confession, I have a lot of sin to confess.
 For one I forgot how to paint, or what and why.

#280 Maxwell Rd.

8 x 10


I'm running out of panels. again, so I'm down to 8 x 10's (and one 9 x 12.)

The far hills are too dark, but overall the scene was a bit washed out and the sun was on my panel, which wasn't a problem, especially a bit later.

I quickly entered the wilderness and was lost in the haze of grays. I scaped the far hills back twice and when I re painted I mixed the color on the canvas did this work?

I wasn't sure what the painting was about.  When I started out I was looking for green, even though I passed up better examples of it, so I decided the painting was about digging into the deep part of the green, even though there was still much washed out fuzz.

 There is too much real estate for an 8 x 10.

Here is where I ended up, it was about 1 1/2 hour of painting time, a few drops of rain started but I was finishing up anyway.

A selfie, down to two layers!

This is the second time from this spot, the other was over a year ago. I was expecting clouds the sun at the start was welcome.

This is my family on Easter Sunday. Alane, Emma, Hope and me.

This was from March of 2013, after a late snowfall, last year was milder than this one by a mile.