Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Petteys Rd. in sunshine!

50  F ! Sunny! no wind!
Today I found these barns and had to paint them.


9 x 12


All paintings are framed, ready to hang and include shipping to the U.S.

I'm challenged by painting (or trying to) barns. Not only are they majestic in their own right, but they provide an opportunity to arrange light and dark and show how thw sun works, and today that was a glorious thing!

Start with the light, the panel was in the shade.  and the sky was the "most different thing. Simple keep it simpl, it's one of the hardest lessons to learn and one of the hardest principles to adhere too.

 One thing this didn't have was a road leading you in....

Some times I'm more likely to use one broad brush for all of the dark tones, but they varied a lot in this, so I ended up varying them going on, especially the dark red of the barn's shadow side, it's got very little red in it.

Once I got a bunch of the darks in, I had to get the bright red side of the barn, this struck fear and terror in me, you know how I recoil from bright color, but this was the challenge......

I felt like I couldn't get the bright red on the side of the barn bright or red enough! but I keep remembering that pigments can never be light.

Here is where I ended the session, about 1 hour 15 minutes of actual painting time, even though a lot of decisions take place before I start.

 Today's "money shot" the nature of the light meant  the panel looked dark.

looking northeast.

Looking Southwest along Petteys Rd. in Cambridge.

Looking north, I love these little creeks, and especially when they go through open fields; this is going the wrong way, there are plenty of others.

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