Saturday, April 5, 2014

Raefield Farm Rd.

44  F  Windy! cold! mostly cloudy with some bright sun too!
I wanted more red today, I found it, but it wasn't bright, and the light conditions were just wild


8 x 10


This is a majestic farm scene, with back light, large and small elements. As you can see not a lot of contrast.

1st blocks

Red is the trickiest color! it's hard to get it light without getting pink.

The wind was silly today, I shed a layer and got cold, the sun came out, and changed everything!


The clouds parted a bit and changed it up!

The roof! the roof! kept changing, what to do? I wish I knew.

Getting there.

The foreground never got it, and I didn't get any cows in there, but not bad.

The section I took was a deliberate decision about the design of the painting, I didn't want the whole barn, nor did I want the tops of the silos,

This is where my viewing position was, about 3 feet away, more than usual, and I liked that.

Looking up Raefield Farm Rd, (south).

My set up. This is as easy as it gets!

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