Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saratoga Battlefield

67  F  Sunny with a few clouds, light breeze.
I was itching to get to the national Historic park and decided today would be the day! I got a late start, and it took me an hour in the park to find this view.

#277 View from Saratoga Battlefield

11 x 14


The battlefield is on the the west side of the Hudson river and faces East, I knew that and I should have realized it would be a better paint in the morning...

Lights, the reflection of light off the river, while small holds a lot of weight.
I chose this scene because it had a dark mass of trees in the near, and a sliver of mountains in the far. It had just a bit of the river, but I figured I could play it up,

The foreground, is not really ground, it's forest with very delicate light filtering through.

The colors are still pre-spring, that is the trees aren't budding yet, and there very subtle.

By this time I had lost the light that drew me to the spot.

Looking North.

Looking east, ironically at 5:00 when I started the light had flattened this view right out, but at 6:00 it looked much better.

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