Tuesday, April 29, 2014

View from patio.

53  F  Sunny some wind.
I did a real quick sketch today, looking at my neighbors house, the light off the slate roof, the grass and the woods behind the road were too interesting not to paint.

This is my scene, we look at this a lot because it's right outside the kitchen door.

I'm excited about the idea of small sketches on paper, real quick, I don't know how this will play out, but will definitely be doing more!


  1. Interesting, those small quick sketches!
    May I ask which paper do you use (normal paper you would use for watercolor painting?) and if there is a technical reason why do you use blue paper? Thanks.

  2. Thanks Chani, I had some Arches printmakers paper laying around for about 20 years, so I soaked that in shellac, a method I remember learning even more years ago, but never actually did. The blue you see is tape, I just figured that if I tape the paper to a standard size masonite board, I can carry it in my panel box! After the paint sets up, I peel it off, and have a cleaned edge well inside the paper's edge, but I haven't figured how to frame/display them yet. There is an Arches oil on the market, but I have more of my old stock, so I'll prepare some more, I'm liking this!

  3. Matthew Can you speak about your process? As a painter, I would be interested in hearing about how you set up and work your composition.
    Thanks, Mike

  4. Thanks for your comment, Mike, I've enjoyed seeing your blog on google + and think highly of your work so I'm honored that you'd ask me about my compositions. When I'm setting up to do a scene, I'm deciding where to "crop" the various elements, so I can balance them against each other, and find where things fall on the rectangle, like the horizon, or a tree or whatever, some of it's by instinct, some of it's avoiding bad things, some is repeating basic formats used by the masters. I really need to do a blog post about this to flesh out the ideas, thanks so much for asking!