Friday, April 25, 2014

Wampecack Creek and the rail road.(cty. rt. 74)

63  F  Sun, no wind!
Here is today's Money shot, while I'm itching to get green into these paintings, I'm down to my last small panels and besides I wanted to  paint this creek for a long time

#282 Wampecack Creek @ rt. 74

8 x 10


The first thing that gets green are the fields, but I haven't been painting them. This scene had rushing water, light off of the old dead leaves, shadows of the trees and a few blades of grass and moss, what more could you want?

The first tones, I'm challenged by the light off the leaves, the color had some red in it, but it's really washed out, it's also speckled with bits of shadow, and bits of green, very challenging and hard to reduce to a monotone.

I'm working the light, trying to figure out how to get it to look right. I needed the bright reflected light (off the leaves)  but they would only look right by contrast to the tiny shadows, which contain more color, and they also needed the bits of grass and moss.

Those little areas of shadow really needed to be dark, the large areas, along the creek were easy, relatively, and the water cooperated too, mostly the light stayed the same for the 1 1/4 hours that I painted.

By this time I was able to work back and add the reflections on top of the other stuff. It's feeling so different, even in the brushstrokes!

This is where I ended up.

I usually avoid roads with yellow lines, the traffic goes fast, but I had a nice wide pull off, and there were very few cars.

Tick protection?


  1. As always nice composition and interesting brushwork.
    I've already have one nasty tick bite, and it seems a bit early for the pests.
    Just another occupational hazard.

  2. Thanks Jim, yes the cold of the winter is past, but ticks, sun, and dehydration are the next challenges for the upcoming season! a reminder to myself (and all my painter friends!)

  3. Very well done in the time frame and light changes!