Thursday, May 15, 2014

Along the White Creek, Salem, NY.

70  F  mostly cloudy
Today I met up with my painting buddy, Cindy, so I suggested we go to this spot about 1/2 way between our houses. I'm back fully into nature with no man made features, and it's great!, but I'm missing bridges.....

#299 The White Creek 

9 x 12


It would stay pretty overcast with gusts of wind and an occasional break in the cloud cover, but never rained, and the colors were rich.


I had a better time with the green today, but it was more limited than yesterday, with the water and sky there was less than 1/3rd green. 

I had to scrape off the sand bar because I needed the hue just right. The value between it and the water was very close, and color/ temperature was crucial, so it took a few tries.

Getting close...

There was a lot of delicacy within each area, but if those areas aren't the right general value, your lost.

 Some how the details fell into place, the water changed just a bit, (for the better) and I was able to gather the darks and the lights.

This is where I ended up, just over 2 hours paint time,

Here is my scene.

Here is Cindy painting away!

Looking up Rt. 153, Northwest.

Looking the other way up White Creek, this was a great scene too, but I liked the one I did because the light created a sharper contrast.


  1. Thank you for sharing, enjoyed seeing your painting process.

  2. Well done! The kind of landscape where I would like to walk with the dog after work.

  3. Love your blog! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks Chani and Anonymous x's 2 I brought Olliie yesterday and he played in the creek almost the whole time! after about an hour or so he went into the van and slept! a dogs life!

  5. Hi Matthew, I have just discovered your blog and love your Washington Country Impressionism!!:) I also love the way you display your finished painting against the scene and see it meld so perfectly. You have an amazing ability to get just the right colours!

  6. Thank you Wendy, that's such a lovely comment! I enjoy the "legs" the blog is getting, so I appreciate your discovery, I'm still working on getting my colors so they work!