Thursday, May 15, 2014

Along the White Creek, Salem, NY.

70  F  mostly cloudy
Today I met up with my painting buddy, Cindy, so I suggested we go to this spot about 1/2 way between our houses. I'm back fully into nature with no man made features, and it's great!, but I'm missing bridges.....

#299 The White Creek 

9 x 12


It would stay pretty overcast with gusts of wind and an occasional break in the cloud cover, but never rained, and the colors were rich.


I had a better time with the green today, but it was more limited than yesterday, with the water and sky there was less than 1/3rd green. 

I had to scrape off the sand bar because I needed the hue just right. The value between it and the water was very close, and color/ temperature was crucial, so it took a few tries.

Getting close...

There was a lot of delicacy within each area, but if those areas aren't the right general value, your lost.

 Some how the details fell into place, the water changed just a bit, (for the better) and I was able to gather the darks and the lights.

This is where I ended up, just over 2 hours paint time,

Here is my scene.

Here is Cindy painting away!

Looking up Rt. 153, Northwest.

Looking the other way up White Creek, this was a great scene too, but I liked the one I did because the light created a sharper contrast.