Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back in the saddle, out back, no less.

83  F  sunny by days end
I needed a little shot at something, so even late in the day I got this, it's at least the 3rd time in this spot and it's right out back.

# 305 Cambridge creek, out back.

8 x 10


Here is my spot, the sun through the foliage is as good as it gets, and there were these real dark shadows too!

The thing with this is how to get the light! impossible you say and your right, so I'll pretend and fake it and pull every trick I know.
I'm getting at it from the brightest, and the darkest and hoping the middle tones will figure themselves out!

By now it feels like I'm in the game!

The scene.

Hope and her friend in the pond.

Ollie.  The beauty of painting here is nobody's missing!

This is from April.

This is from December.


  1. A nice spot. This painting is so beautiful green and it is only one month later than April! You April painting was rather similar to the December one... (Beautiful Ollie!)

  2. Thanks Chani, yes it is amazing how everything greens up so quickly like wild fire!