Thursday, May 29, 2014

Battenkill @ Center Falls

68  F  sunny, bright and awesome!
It was an absolutely gorgeous day, how couldn't I paint it?

#306 Battenkill @ Center Falls

14 x 16

Price on request

It was one of those days when you're driving around in the country side, sun, shinning, windows open, radio playing and you look at the world and everything is alive and growing, I don't think heaven could be any better.

 I knew I wanted to come to the Center Falls area, but wasn't exactly sure where. I checked out a few spots I had pained before, but wanted this bridge, (it's the Center Falls rd, bridge).

I managed st set up with the panel in the shade, but this wouldn't last.

The tone, what can I say, I like the contrast, but sometimes all I think about is covering it up!

It's all so sketchy at this point, I'm just trying to get the right values/colors, in the right spots, but there is a lot of missing pieces!

I'm kind putting it together like a jigsaw puzzle, well not really......

The foliage stayed within a limited range, mostly because it was composed of one large mass, and all mid-ground.

I had a different brand of paint, Chevarin, I really liked the quality of the titanium, but the ultramarine wasn't as dark as Utrect's and I needed to get my darks darker.

The sun started to get on my panel, and it made it hard to see. I've got about 2 1/2 hours on it, and I'm wanting to put this together, I'm trying to gather the darks in the trees, and make sense in the water.....

I'm also trying to get rig of the tone.



As you can see, the light is on the panel, but it's OK because I was far along enough.

Here is the scene.

There was enough room on the shore to paint here, that cable is holding "Warning Falls Ahead" buoys.

 The path down to the water.

About 100 yards downstream from my spot. This is nice too.


  1. Thanks again for showing us the process! A beautiful day with an interesting sky. Sure Ollie likes to have a swim at such a place ;-)

  2. Thank you Chani! I love showing the process, even the ugly parts!, anD yes Ollie goes into every body of water we go near!