Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Delavan Rd. more cows and green gone wacky!

80  F, mostly sunny with some clouds.

Here is where I ended up today , the money shot, 2 hours, paint time, but I still can't figure how I got the color so wrong!

# 298 Delavan Rd.

14 x 16

I found a beautiful scene, this is my old neighborhood, (my barn id in view to the right). I'm also in the shade of this tree, so it's a double plus good place!

Like on Monday, I thought I'd start with a "base" of the green that was a bit dark and warm, I put it down with a knife and scrapped it back, knowing I'd be going over it with some other greens....

I proceeded in this manner until most of the canvas was covered....

I'm putting this close up of the fields to stress the fact that the green is not one color but a number of greens that intermingle. I though my first down color would recede, but it wasn't actually that color either.

 By this time I was ready to attack the big green, but I didn't realize it was too late.

I think I've got a decent grasp on the values......

I wish I had put a color similar to Monday's down first!

I'm getting close, the cows laid down in the shade, easy to render, but their hard to find!

Here is where it ended. By the time I got it here it was too late to change that color, I know, I'm going on about this, and when I got it home it didn't look bad, just different than my normal color sensibility....

Here is my scene, the cows are scattered, but they moved. The light didn't change much.....

Sight-size shot, so I'm obsessing! the color isn't that bad....

Here is my pallet at the start, I mixed a bunch of a light sky-colors, and made what might be considered an un-bleached titanium, so I wonder if I should just buy some of that...


  1. Looks great. The Green is here for sure. I found out by trial an error that if I have at least 3 different blue tube colors and several whites to include a zinc and Permalba as well as titanium which can be very strong it seems to help form a wide range of greens. I also try to use light yellows as much as possible to lighten without the use of white which may tint or mute the color.

  2. Thanks Doug, The other day I inadvertently had three blues on my pallet and it through me off, but yes I have two yellows as well, and both inc and titanium.

  3. A lovely spot. And I like the green of the painting, even if it is different.

  4. Thanks, I'll definitely do this scene again!

  5. Congratulations. The painting and the colours are very good. The artist is allowed to choose the colours, you know!!!

  6. I think the colours work very well in your painting and you definitely made the scene more interesting but it looks to me that maybe a cooler yellow such as lemon and a cooler blue might get the mix you are looking for. Your green mix appears to have a more red/warmth in it than the photograph. Thanks for uploading :)

  7. Thanks Ruth and Cheryl for your comments, in working outdoors, and mostly alla prima, the session takes on a life of it's own, and given the number of things you can't control, it's always hit or miss. Having said that I knew I had cadmium yellow overdose early, but once there, well it was hard to go back!