Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hudson Crossings Park more about viewpoints and measuring

64  F mostly sunny, beautiful day!
This bridge was on my to paint list: it's a long list......

#293 Hudson River A Hudson Crossing Park.

14 x 16


When I started there was a bit of haze and not much shadow, this park is beautiful, but you've got to hike around and I was eating up my time, so I said this was it, and......

Here's the pallet, notice two piles of white, I go through that and more, but the reds I barely whisper at them.

I re-did the measuring photos.

View point is everything, today I was able to stand about 3 feet back, enough to comfortably see the canvas. I'll often have to "re-find" my viewpoint by checking my measurements. Note how my left edge is to the right of the pylon, and the end of the brush in the above pic is at the edge of the house, these are my points and I want to remember them so I can find viewpoint when I loose it (all the time!)

It's one thing to get the frame, it's another to find the elements within, this is how I do that.  One thing to note is that once I get the basics figured out I don't have to think too much about it, and that's a good thing, because there are plenty of other things to think about.

At this stage it's still not figured out, until most every hole is filled you can't get an idea of what's going on.

Getting there, but I'm balking at getting what's behind the bridge, I build up areas like that, behind things like trees and trestle bridges, because how else?


Ready for the bridge....

Like I said: ready for the bridge!

The drawing of the bridge gave me a bit of a time, but I showed it who's boss and where it should be!

This is where I ended up!  I don't know how I got here exactly, but I arrived to my destination intact, so my saying, all's well that ends well, and I can't say that all the time.

My scene at the start, the shadows are not sharp as they will be later in the session.

Here the light co-operated long enough to get some contrasts.
  My set up, all one carry.

My pallet at the end.