Sunday, May 11, 2014

Just before sunset, Edie Rd.

75+ F  sunny! Mother's Day!

After climbing the fire tower on Hadley Mt. and picking out some cherry trees, I got this quick 1/2 hour sketch in.

# 296 Edie Rd.

6 x 8, oil on prepared paper.


I didn't put paint to paper until 7:30! These long days mean I can squeeze in a sketch so I did.

working at this time of the day certainly has challenges! I don't know where it will lead, but I'd like to try painting at this time of the day some more, I mean what could be more wild than a sunset?

Some how I've landed back at "pure" landscapes without any (very little) human activity in them.

Here is where  I ended up. Things were changing rapidly....

This is the scene at the start.

This is the scene at the end.

This was looking in the other direction, I knew I didn't want to bite this off today, even though I think it would have been much more dramatic!

Today was mother's day! Alane wanted to go for a family hike, so we climbed up Hadley Mt. and the fire tower on top!


  1. A nice sport (but it was certainly difficult: the trees for instance looked so different at the beginning and at the end!). And a superb family photo!

  2. Thanks Chani, The light changes so fast! I look at the challenge, and want to try it again, and yes my family is wonderful, I'm blessed to have them!