Sunday, May 18, 2014

McCart Rd. a cow and some big news!

55  F  sunny (A.M.)
Today I had some time in the morning, I'm not a morning person, but it was beautiful!  We had a lot of activities this weekend, and Friday was not the best weather......

#300, McCart Rd.

11 x 14

Available e-mail for price.

 I woke up and knew I wanted to go back to this scene and my cow was there!

My big News: Salem Art Works, in Salem NY, has included me in their Salem2Salem artists exchange to Salem, Germany. It takes place in August for a 3 weeks. I'll paint everyday, living and working with American and German artist at a castle. I've got my plane ticket!

The subject, other than the cow, was the light off of the stream, but I started with it because it was the "most different"

My second piece of news: I'm now galley artist @ Spa fine arts on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY. They took 12 paintings last week and I'll publish links when my work gets up on their web site!

I put in these darks because I felt like I needed then, but it actually broke my "most different" rule, because after the light off the water, the green was the next most different thing.

Notice the cow! she was really there.

Yes more green!, this time I decided to try and hit the brightest of the bright greens, there was a lot of this, it wasn't everywhere, or all the green,  so I mixed it as closely as I could and slathered it on with my knife!

Next was the darker green, Here is the thing about mixing colors where a slight change actually has meaning. The bright green is a lot of cadmium lemon, some zinc white, and some of my black(ultramarine and burnt sienna) . The darker green will have some cadmium light, and maybe a it of pthalo, just a whisper! and I'll use the left over mix of the bright green, don't quote me on this, I work in a frenzy so I'm not actually thinking....

There are bits of olive green in the water, and bits of brown and bits of light/sand color, ant these are important because they accent all that green.

Lastly are the light shimmers off some of the blades of grass, I used the same light blue I used int the water, it seemed right.

My scene.


Awesome scenes every where you look!


  1. Well done! Those green landscapes with cows are just idyllic! And thank you for sharing such good big news! I am so glad for you, you deserve it!
    About Salem: should you need something translated from or into German (I don't know, you may need to fill in some documents or whatever...), fell free to drop me a line privately if you think I can help. And if you have the possibility of travelling a little bit in Europe, well, Spain is not that far. ;-)

  2. Thanks Chani! I'm super excited about this next adventure! I would like to try and learn a few phrases maybe find some on-line course, any suggestions?

    1. A good online resource (dictionary) for quick word checks is LEO:

      As course, I could recommend "German with ease", which I of course did not use to learn German, but to learn Portuguese and, now, Greek (I bought the books, there are CDs as well). This method is conceived for adult people who want to learn alone, without teacher.
      There may be a free download possibility here:

      Buying the book could be a good option (very practical size to take with you).

    2. P.S. There are certainly plenty of other courses, for example:

    3. Thanks Chani, I knew you'd have the best scoop on this!