Monday, May 26, 2014

Of peaks and valleys

60  F  clouds with a few drops,  windy!
Here is my toned panel, Ollie and the view from Rocky Mt. There is no finished pictures because I didn't finish anything today.

I got up early, at least for me, and wanted to do Rocky, I've painted each of the last two years, and even though huge views like this aren't my specialty, a big view once in a while is good.

Here's Ollie, coming down wondering why I'm taking so long....

It took 25 minutes to hike up, not a big hike, but my first true "hike in" of the season. there were clouds and a few drops of rain, and I though I'd like the atmospheric perspective, soon after I set up, the winds came...

I spent an hour hanging onto my easel, maybe five minutes getting some paint on, before I gave up!

This was a scrape off!

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