Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Plains Road, nothing plane about it!

70  F  sunny, beautiful day!
Here is where I ended up today, I went out late to try and catch some of that delicious evening light.

#302 Plains Rd.

8 x 10


Here is tonight's scene, as it looked at the end of the 1 hr. session,the shadows had grown quite a bit.

This is Plains rd. I've never painted here, the beauty is that in the plain, you can see the hills.

I broke two rules, well bent one and the other should be a rule, too much real estate for the size and never have an unbroken line across the horizon, but I defer to my disclaimer about breaking any rules anytime I want.

I'm also on a purist kick and wish it would end, I feel like I reverted to my first start back self, but compulsion reveals itself in it's own time.

 The thing with this composition is that it's a sandwich, I love sandwiches, but.....

Just about it for this painting, i thought the foreground with all that green would be a challenge to make recede and I was right.

Here's the sight-size shot, the money shot was not view-able.

I started to mark my spot by sticking a brush into the ground.

Why haven't I painted from this spot?

 Spa Fine Art, in Saratoga Springs, NY. sold this painting today! #199 Hudson River @ Stillwater, from October, 2013.