Monday, May 19, 2014

Saratoga Apple, #301!

69  F  sun and clouds!
Saratoga Apple, I was driven to get some blossoms, but they were very lack luster.

#301 Saratoga Apple

11 x 14

price on request.

I thought a lot about the foreground tree, and weather I wanted the trunk or just the left branches, I put it in then made sure it wasn't too close to parallel with the edge.

I for got a stage or two. I put the sky in first, then the mountain, then the mass of green.

More paint.

I'll often default on ordering far to near, even if it doesn't satisfy my "most different" rule.

This scene really lends itself to an impressionistic painting, all there is: a flourish of foliage!

This is where I ended up.

Here is my scene, Kate Edwards is painting strait behind the foreground, it's always nice to have another painter around, a painting party!

This is under clouds, but over the 2 hours I was here the clouds changed the light on the landscape, alot!

Sight-size view, the sun really makes a bug difference.

I choose the spot to get the huge mountain view, in back of the apple trees, it was close to the road, lots of traffic goes by....

We love the apples, and they have a supply from last season, some other veggies, good coffee.....................


  1. Well done. I just love those fresh greens which we do not have here, because it does not rain enough...

    1. Thanks again, Chani! in the summer it gets downright lush with vegetation around here! and it's quite beautiful!