Monday, May 12, 2014

Saratoga Apple

85  F  Sunny summer-like!
Today it was down right hot in the apple orchard

#297 Saratoga Apple

12 x 16

Spring is defined by blossoms, and there's nothing like an apple orchard when it's full of blossoms, today it was not full, but it's getting there, and next time, which needs to be soon, will be full!

I started putting in the grass with dark green, hoping it would be a good base for the bright on top, but I think I put too much, and too thick.

I chose this view because it had the dark pine trees, as well as the large old Flowering apple in the center of my composition.

Moving right along, I had run out of sun block.....

In putting on the bright green/yellow, the under green kept coming up, it was fine in some places, but not

The light didn't change much, as it doesn't mid day, it's much easier to work.

I took a lot of pictures today!


This is where I ended up, it was a bout 2 hours of actual  painting time.

My scene. I also liked the far hills in the background.

My pallet.



  1. Well done! A wonderful apple orchard, and the grass is so green!

  2. Wish I was there. Our winter has just started. Greetings from Africa.

  3. We had a killer winter, last! I'm soaking in the summer!