Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Beaver pond, Inlet NY.

70  F  mostly sunny, some clouds.
This was done at the Beaver (actually called Hess) Pond, behind the cabin on 6th Lake in Inlet, NY, so begind the summer season

#304 Beaver Pond

9 x 12


This is my first time blogging from the road ( in front of the Inlet public library) and I'm not sure how much battery power I will have...

The scene was in constant change with the clouds alternatley lightening and darkening various parts.

I found this spot, there are tons of good ones up here....

The sky was of interest to me today, the clouds were moving and changing quickly

I worked the sky and clouds....

It was hard to nail down what was going to be light and what was dark....

I had a warmer tone to start, and it kept asserting itself, and wasn't sure I liked that.

 Getting there......

This is where I ended up.

Sight size shot.

My scene, I especially likes the light falling on the far shore and rock, but there wasn't enough water in my view.

I'm essentially on a bog, and with my hike in easel, I have to sit on my backpack/seat which is very low and uncomfortable,  but it's a beautiful spot that I've painted many times and can get to without driving, it feels very remote, but as the crow flies is not that far from the village ( where I am blogging this! and You can hear some village sounds.


  1. thanks for posting that, it is really nice to follow the whole process and the beautiful resutl!yael

  2. Again, a nice spot! There must be plenty of animals there at dawn, or not?

  3. Thanks Yael and Chani! I think this was my first "remote" blog, not that it matters, but I'll be having a lot more soon! Yes Chani there are a lot of animals, but this is near the cabin we stay at not 1/4 mile from here! so we can hear them, but not get too close!