Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two fer' Saturday! McCart Rd. & King!

80 F  sun and clouds!
Here was the money shot of the Morning work.

#294 Creek @ McCart Rd.

9 x 12


I found this on a road I've painted on before, my old barn is right over yonder. It said "paint me" so I did. besides there was a new higher and wider culvert over it so parking was easy!

Lots and lots of green, fresh green and the light that changes it so fundamentally as the light changes. It also has such a minimalist design.

The reflection off the water tells the story, the subtle changes in the green is the supporting role.

The green, the green, did I think we'd go from none for so long then wham!

There's the background green, the shadow green the washed out green the reflected green the.......

 Surprise cow!

This is just about finished for today, there was a lot of left over dry grass that showed up later. All the colors not green give depth to the painting.

Sight-size shot. I'm finding my viewing place a bit farther back to be important.

Looking up the road, I've painted that barn and silo from the other direction twice.

 The other direction, nice too!


That was the morning, I went home and did some chores and the rain didn't materialize, so I went back out again. I thought I was going to go back to Owlkill Creek, but ended up on King Rd. another old favorite.

This is on King Rd. I've painted in this area many times , but not this exact scene, I wanted something that expressed the young buds, but I ended up with rolling hills, sky, and not yet budded brush.

The sky was getting cloudy, but it was back lit, (my favorite condition) and was still very bright, so I started with the sky. The sky is titanium, cobalt and alizerine.

Next the darks, which weren't black, but gray-purple.

More green!

It's looking pretty flat now, but every thing's in play.

I'm pushing and pulling...

One thing about getting shapes right. Look at the shape in nature in its most simple form, say the subject bush, stare at that shape and get it into your head, then quickly look at the shape you have on your canvas, note the difference, change accordingly, repeat.

Getting there!

The scene the light had changed a lot, but it wasn't detrimental, just lost some of the drama.

Looking down King Rd.

Another amazing view, a bit too big for me.

Nice and easy, just how I like it, two one hour paintings, morning and night.

I really would forget where my feet should go.

#295 King Rd. near, Greene Rd.

11 x 14