Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yesterday......Paradise, lost.

70  F  sunny
This was yesterday.

#303 Battenkill @ Eagleville

12 x 16


I got myself into a funk over this painting.  It was a grand day, but I've had a lot of non-painting stuff to do, and it was going to rain........

I thought I wanted a bridge, and this is a bridge! but my first instinct was to do the other part of the river here, and I did this scene, because I'm........

The sun was on the canvas, and the shadow changed, these two factors, (and my disposition). And  while there are things I like about it, as a whole it's just wrong.

I had forgotten my camera so these were taken on my cell.

The thing is when you go out to paint, you can't fake it,  I know it comes down to hours and hours of hard work, and I know I have to push through them, and through the ugly ones too, and see where your vulnerabilities are this was just such a day!

So what's the lesson in this? I ask myself what do I learn?  Every day is not magic, indeed there is drudgery, and some results show it. You can be in paradise and not, and tomorrow, I paint my masterpiece! (maybe the day after that.....)