Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yesterday......Paradise, lost.

70  F  sunny
This was yesterday.

#303 Battenkill @ Eagleville

12 x 16


I got myself into a funk over this painting.  It was a grand day, but I've had a lot of non-painting stuff to do, and it was going to rain........

I thought I wanted a bridge, and this is a bridge! but my first instinct was to do the other part of the river here, and I did this scene, because I'm........

The sun was on the canvas, and the shadow changed, these two factors, (and my disposition). And  while there are things I like about it, as a whole it's just wrong.

I had forgotten my camera so these were taken on my cell.

The thing is when you go out to paint, you can't fake it,  I know it comes down to hours and hours of hard work, and I know I have to push through them, and through the ugly ones too, and see where your vulnerabilities are this was just such a day!

So what's the lesson in this? I ask myself what do I learn?  Every day is not magic, indeed there is drudgery, and some results show it. You can be in paradise and not, and tomorrow, I paint my masterpiece! (maybe the day after that.....)


  1. "...Every day is not magic ... tomorrow, I paint my masterpiece! ..."


    Thank you for sharing part of the creative process.

  2. Well written. Even if it is hard, we artists should accept that we have bad days too... Maybe such days are even necessary.
    But those pictures taken with your cell have a kind of impressionistic touch, interesting.

  3. Thanks Brian and Chani for your comments, I balked at posting the work and my feelings about it, seems to go against the grain of self promotion, but it truly is part of the process and it would be dis ingenuous of me not to include it.

  4. We all struggle sometimes, and sharing your process is what social media is all about - the good and the less than perfect times and our feelings about all of it. Thank you for your persistence and always being out there. It encourages me for sure:)

  5. I agree with Suzanne. Self promotion can be presenting yourself as a untouchable, perfect god or as a human person. I suppose most of us here prefer to deal with a honest, humble person than with a god ;-)

  6. Thank you Chani and Suzanne, your comments made me stop and think a bit, especially about how much to put out there, how much to reveal. I've tried to keep it pretty much just about the painting, but there's a lot in me there without getting into details.