Thursday, June 12, 2014

12 finished Canandaigua paintings, random musings......

Last week, Wednesday-Sunday to be exact were the days of the finger Lakes Plein Air Festival, where 40 painters got together to paint the countryside around the Lake, show their work and compete for prizes.

I'll do these in chronological order and sprinkle liberally with random thoughts....

#308 East Lake Rd.

11 x 14



#309 Barnes gully

9 x 12


This is being traded with a painter friend, it reminds her of her husband, who passed away at a young age not long ago, I'm happy she feels that connection, and feel honored to witness it.

#310 Rt. 21 @ Bopple Hill Rd.

12 x 16


The painting festival is a great thing because it pushes you beyond what you thought you could do, in the attempt to producing the most (and hopefully the best) you can loose previously held ideas and exchange them for ones that come up through the process of working your tail off.

#311 Forbes Rd @ Wheeler

9 x 12


I decided at this point to embrace the themes I know and love at home, aren't I anyway, on this planet?

 #312  Town Pier, Canandaigua

6 x 8


My first nocturne, and it was quick, I was working up a tired, so my goal was to get the tones right, I was right under the street lamp, and I was pleased with what I got.

#313  Mud Creek, Rt. 32, Bristol

11 x 14


I seem to be "on my game" or not and am not sure exactly what goes into that, but here I was "ON"

#315 Bliss Rd.

11 x 14


How can't you paint on a road named "Bliss"?  Working a lot breaks down those barriers.........and hopefully leads to new discoveries!

#316 Cherry Rd.

7 x 10


Final painting of 4 in this day, the light was so delicious, I couldn't resist, and I needed  something I could get quick, and tell the story of this day, I liked this a lot.

#317 Niagra St.

9 x 12


This was from the "quickdraw" event, the fact that it has a name makes it wrong.

 #318 Pond @ Sonnenburg Gardens

8 x 10


This was a wild scene for the place and I liked it, a bunch of us painted here this afternoon because the main event exhibit was to open here as well...

#319 Mansion @ Sonnenberg

11 x 14


this was done during the public reception, I had a lot of visitors while I painted, which was different for me.

The crash after this is now over and I can try and process what happened, I think I improved, at least a bit. Whatever that means.


  1. Thank you for this quick recapitulation. My favorite ones are the pond and Mud Creek, and I found the idea of painting by night fascinating too.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Chani, I agree those are the best, no matter what, they're variations in quality: I get it or not. The nocturne was a good exersize, it's just about impossible to see color, so value is everything, and isn't that always the case?

  3. Yes Mud Creek and your Nocturne are my favorite too. Thank you for sharing.