Saturday, June 28, 2014

3 fer' Saturday, Adirondack paradise!

80  F some clouds, Beautiful Adirondack day!
This is where I ended up today just before the sun started to go down. It's the best place to end up cause I'm on the dock at 6th lake and dinner is waiting for me!

#331 6th Lake from Dock

11 x 14


I went out to the beaver pond, in back of 6th Lake, if lakes had backs, it's a beautiful spot and I can find my center here.

I found a scene that's a close up.

I always enjoy seeing how abstract things are at this point.

The reflections were changing quickly!

Up until now it was pretty monochrome.....

Moving along....

Where I ended up, very sketchy...

#329 Beaver Pond

9 x 12

Money shot.

A bit of a bushwack here even though I paint here a lot, the bugs needed to be shown the bug spray, they were fine after that!

2nd for the day!

Another small close up!

Sometimes hard to organize...

#330 Dock @ 6th Lake

6 x 8

Last one, I couldn't resist the late light!



Last one for the day time to walk back to the cabin!

Nice spot, huh?


  1. Yes, a wonderful place. And three nice paintings. I especially like Dock @ 6th Lake.

  2. Thanks Chani!, those small, details are more challenging than they look, fewer elements each have to carry more weight.

    1. Yes, I am sure that water in particular is quite challenging!

    2. It's in constant motion, which is probably why we love to look at it (like fire) add the changing light and wind....but that's what's so fun about it too it's so open to interpretation!