Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pencil Creek @ Duel Hollow Rd.

68  F  sunny,  few clouds.
I've got two days to get ready for my painting festival in Canandaigua, NY, and I'm hopelessly behind.... so I went out and painted this A.M. before a soccer game....

#307 Pencil Creek @ Duel Hollow Rd.

8 x 10

Price on request

 This is a favorite spot, and still very challenging. I wanted to do a small close-up.

There wan't a lot of darkness in this but the darks present held a lot of weight.


The reflection was made up of a color that looked light blue in some respects and brown in others, depending on how you move your eye over the surface.

I had a hard time with the dirt, didn't know how light it was supposed to be, and in general the black mix, changing brands of ultra marine.....

This painting just sorta poked along.....

The shadow gave me some trouble....

The cows finally made it over to my field of vision, and she was an easy study.

The scene, there is so much detail to life...... how does one even begin to represent it in paint, you must be mad even to try!

 Here is my pallet, I've had trouble with my mixed black since I changed brands of ultramarine blue, maybe I should just use some black...