Friday, June 6, 2014

Canandaigua day 3 Paint Animal.

72  F, mostly sunny with some cloudy sessions and some windy sessions.
Where to Start? This morning, I drove all over, and took an hour of scoping out places before I found this, it's in the town park (Patriot Park Rt. 32) of Bristol. NY, Mud Creek, to be exact.

#313 Mud Creek, Bristol

11 x 14

I did find the spot!

The sun just the way I like it!

I knew I'd like this, it's all just green foliage an a bit of water, what's not to like?

For some reason the toned canvas isn't bothering me anymore......

This kind of scene lends itself to an impressionist style.

The tree trunks are a problem.

Here is where I ended up after 2 hours of paint time. Over all "I'm happy"

My scene at the start. The sun went behind clouds intermittently, I'd just wait if a part was not right.

A gentleman walking along the road asked if he could take my picture, why not, he must have gotten my web site from the sign on my van and foud me that way, a big thanks to Al! he also identified the creek as Mud Creek and I appreciate that!

Ultimately that's why I painted here it's a public park and I din't have to trespass.

Canandaigua lake from Kershaw Park.

Sometimes I wonder, do I follow  my own rules or guidelines? no would be the answer.....

I kinda had to do a painting of the water.

The tree saved the composition and the paint handling.


Here is where I ended up with this one.

A gentleman named Bill took this and sent it to me! That's two in a day!

This was on Bliss Rd. I had wanted to do this farm last year and it was perfect lighting!

All the element I love, a silo, a road, back-lighting!

I also had visitors here, a neighbor who invited my to paint on his property, and a few of the farmers who have this farm.

Painting # 3 for the day!

I found out the friend I was going to meet couldn't make it (Carol!) and I wanted to paint the delicious evening light, so after I regrouped at my host's house, I fount this spot in the very North West corner of the map.

This is Cherry Rd. and Brace Rd. I didn't get started until after 7:30 so I had to work quickly!

The contrasts at this time of the day are simply glorious!

Here is where I ended up.

Here is the "money shot" it's bizarre that I used the flash.

The location.

That's day 3, I've done 9 painting since I arrived on Wednesday, and I'm liking the last ones the best, I think I was able to push through and get fluid, and fluid is good!

Now it's time to frame and go get some sleep!


  1. OMG, you scare me, painting machine. Thank you for showing. Fantastic!

  2. Thanks Maike! Don't be scared! I'm thrilled you enjoy the blog.

  3. Wow, such a productivity! I especially like the second painting!