Sunday, June 8, 2014

Canandaigua, Day 5, return home

82  F  sunny/ with some overcast.
Here was where I ended up today, at least with my painting, It's the mansion @ Sonnenburg Gardens I'm home now, safe and sound (exhausted, but wired from the road)

You know how much I like to do house portraits (very little) but this was far enough away, and in a good spot.

Today was the final day of the Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival, the public reception, and the goodbye's. I couldn't just sit around the gallery, I found a spot, put a note up by my work as to where I was and painted!

The sky. It was quite a festival! I made a lot of new friends and saw a bunch of old ones, I pushed myself to do the best work I could do, and having a free for all where painting is #1,  allows this. All "other things" drop away and in the frenzy to create I discovered new and exciting things!  I think I painted better than ever, and that is just an awesome thing!

I took this to show how I decide if I've got the right color. I mix up what I think will work and put a bit down, then I look at them next to each other (the color ant the scene) and see how far off they are, if they're close enough I'll use it if not I'll change it accordingly.

Dappled sun light on the canvas is difficult. When I set up it was cloudy, it didn't matter that much though....

I had a lot of visitors today and met and talked with a number of really wonderful people!

Despite being pretty tired I got it together to do this.....

Getting close.....

The money shot.

This is George Van Hook, painting just up from me.

This is Maria and her new painting! she generously opened her home to me providing a very comfortable bed, room, bath, coffee in the morning, and more... in short everything I needed to take part in this festival!  I'm glad she got this painting and will be in her home, a huge THANKS!


  1. Thanks Chani or all your comments, the last few days have been a thrill and the dust has yet to settle.......