Thursday, June 5, 2014

Canandaigua, Day two, by 4!

64  F  cloudy with a few breaks for sun.
I was determined not to burn out too quickly this time, so I had a reasonably leisuerly morning and didn't rush out the door, I got a text from my new real friend, Cathy Whitehead, who said she'd be at the waterfalls.....

# 309  waterfall, Town park, Canandaigua.

9 x 12

I had mixed feelings about the place, of course it was beautiful, but I was out of my comfort zone, and it took me a long time to get there!

I enjoyed the process of this, as it lent itself well to a real "all over" impressionistic handling of the paint and surface.

The light coming into the scene is disorienting, not that anything is oriented in a scene like this.

I liked that the paint was going on with some jazz, but wasn't sure what I felt about the orange tone showing through.

I wanted to keep it pretty sketch like and I think I succeeded in that respect.

The sun came and went, which mede it difficult to get it.

Sight size pic.

Cathy Whitehead, very happy to be at this most awesome spot!

The waterfall.

The creek, a ten minute hike from the parking lot, beautiful, every step!

# 2 for the day.

view of Canandaigua lake from the cemetery at the corner of Rt. 21 and Bopple hill Rd.

I did this scene last year, and you could hardly see 50 feet, than it rained, and rained.....

Yes this does look weird!

Moving right along....

In some ways it's two paintings.

This was a popular spot!

OK then.....

This is why I say it's luck if this photo comes out.

#301 Canadaigue  Lake from rt. 21 and bopple hill Rd.

The sun came out at the very end of the session!

I turned the panel so I could work on it easier.

The scene.

#311  Forbes Rd, @ Wheeler Rd.

9 x 12

A yellow lined paved road, nice!

# 4 for today, and my first "nocturne"

#312  View from town pier.

This could get interesting!

The sun set slowly today.....

Not bad......


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your process, I enjoyed this soooo much!!

  2. Amazing energy, Matt! Terrific painting. Wish I lived close enough to paint with you.

  3. Thanks Leslie and Diane, for your most kind comments, I very much appreciate them!, It's a small world and our paths will cross someday!

  4. these pages are awesome, Matt!! Love the format and all you have posted.