Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Canandaigua Lake here I am!

70  F  overcast, with clouds.
Here we are,  East lake Rd, overlooking Lake Canandaigua, Yeates County.

I got tho town before 1;00, about 4 1/2 hr. car ride from Cambridge, mostly west, the van was comfortable to drive, cruise control and air conditioning!

#308 Canandaigua lake

11 x 14

I checked in and got my canvases stamped, and tried to find a decent map....I drove around more and finally got the view I was looking for, I had to start with a view of the lake!

I'm not much of a sky guy.

This was actually a hard scene to find, the road was paved with a yellow stripe, but there wasn't much traffic.

I made the water color with the sky colors and added a bit of pthalo. (a tiny bit!)

Some times I find it easier to work background-to-foreground, as I did today.

 I knew the green was wrong, but I started with it anyway, I was able to recover!

This is the time of doubt, and it seems like every painting goes through this phase, (some never get out!)

I likes the roof tops peaking out of the foliage, and there is a tiny bit of the bay over to the left of the point.

I often take a couple of "last photos"

The sight-size shot. Had to sit for this!

My scene, the light steady very steady through the two hour session.

My set up.

I don't know where the hell I am!