Monday, June 23, 2014

Cobble Hill Rd, White Creek, NY

80  F hazy and humid.
 The money shot from today, I didn't get out until late....

#327 Cobble Hill Rd. White Creek

8 x 10


I didn't necessarily want a sun set today, the light going over to White Creek was just delicious, but by the time I did what I had to do the sun had changed. The days now still very long, gives us so much light so much time, when the winter solstice comes, won't we miss this?

I spent 1 1/4 hrs, and needless to say, the light changed a lot. I knew this would be about the three bands of values, the lightest, the sky; the middle, the foreground; the dark, the hills.

This is close to the end of the session, it started to get hard to see, the detail in the hills kept changing! (is that a surprise?)

Here is the scene at the end of the session, there were so many scenes this evening, why did I pick this one?

This is the challenge of this scene, and you know I always face my challenges!

Cobble Hill (in White Creek) is a road I've wanted to paint for a while, as the light was going down, I decided to head up, so I got here.

I placed the painting in the back of the van for this shot, the colors are not right.