Thursday, June 26, 2014

Creek @ Duel Hollow Rd, and Trask show, 2 sold!

80  F  Clouds early, clearing later.
I got out reasonably early today and went to a favorite spot, It was cloudy when I got there but started to clear as I was getting down to paint.

#328 Creek @ Duel Hollow Rd.

9 x 12


Blue sky above the right(west).

I'm using my "black" to draw the darkest of the dark, and taking advantage of the rough texture of my canvas to sketch in where it's not so dark.

 Green and sky....

The reflected light is just a bit darker than the light in the sky, I learned that from reading John  Carlson's book and looking on my own, (he's right!)

I add alizerine crimson to my mix of "black" which I make with ultramarine and burnt sienna, (more blue than burnt) and this gets it real dark and makes it contrast with the greens.

when it's at this stage I'm looking at giving some of those large areas of green more dimension, I'm going to change some of those greens, make them warmer/cooler, lighter/darker, so that there is a bit of vibration there....

This is where I ended up, I spent about 1 1/2 hour on it, and maybe I could have gone longer, but it was feeling like it needed to stay fresh.....

 Here is the scene, the biggest change came in the reflected light off the surface of the creek, it can get squirrelly, those reflections. ( note, squirrelly is not a real word, but it's common vernacular in Washington County, or maybe it's a side dish?) 

Sight-size shot, or how I paint it.

This is my idea of an office!

Me with Saratoga Apple I heard rumor that it got an "honorable mention" and a gold star, like kindergarden with beer!