Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 4, Canandaigua festival, Yesterday

79  F  sunny and beautiful!
I'm starting with this because it was the best of the day.

The "quick draw" event was in the morning, after delivering three paintings and two alternates for the judging and main event. It starts at 9:30 for 2 hours we paint in downtown Canandaigua. Everybody's exhausted by this time, but it's fun to have everybody in close proximity.

I have great admiration for urban painters, but I'm not one so it's a challenge for me!

I chose this scene because ti was mostly tree, the roof top was some indication of the location.

Not surprisingly the minor role of the roofs gave me trouble.


Just when you thought it was OK, a bus load of bridesmaids shows up and parks right in front!

Here is where I ended up, I was OK with it, but just.

After the quick draw event there was a show in an outdoor park, with an award ceremony, then some time before the opening of the main event show, which is at the Sonnenburg Gardens, a bunch of us painted there.

I'ts like I've got my head in the clouds!

There is a huge Victorian Mansion here and don't we all want to be king of that castle? no! the blue heron let me paint his pond, and we had a fine moment together.

This is how the evening ended, and with me going to sleep! The camaraderie among us painters is the reason (for me)  to do this (no awards, or sales, yet) My colleagues are such a talented, hardworking and wild bunch, when I paint at home, and seek out desolated spots, that's what I do, but having a whole bunch of new friends, painters together, it's just a awesome and amazing thing, and a true blessing!

Today I'll say a BIG THANKS! to my host, Maria, who graciously gave me a room with my own private bath, coffee in the morning and has also become a friend, so appreciated! I could not have done this without her generosity!


  1. A wonderful pond.
    And, yes, getting friends is more important than having something sold, after all.

  2. Thanks Chani! I'm still pondering what I learned in this marathon of paint!