Saturday, June 14, 2014

English Rd, lesson learned, we are in good hands!

65  F  windy with some sun and clouds!
Here is where I ended up today, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

#320 English Rd.

9 x 12


1st since Canandaigua!

 I've had this thing about painting a bush on a I knew just where to go, a spot I had done a few times, but quite a while ago.

My new theory is that the painting is determined in the first few minutes, and by fifteen it's done (or not)

My other new theory about green is that there is a lot of it, and when there it a lot of something you need to break it up, warm/cool  light/dark whatever....

Painting in the real world, or my real world gets squeezed between all the other stuff, so after my week festival, where painting was front and center, I have to be back in reality. That means I have to hit those notes once, fast and done.

So here it is, if I got it, fussing isn't going to make it better, if I didn't fussing isn't going to make it better. This is 45 minutes or so, we'll see what it looks like in the morning.

My scene.

This is from June 2012

January, 2013

Looking up the street.

My set up.

Here is Hope's dance performance tonight!  I was so impressed by the work these young people put into their work, I was left feeling overjoyed and knowing if the future is theirs we are in good hands!


  1. A lovely scenes (greens you cannot find here in the South...) And well done to dancing Hope and friends!

  2. Thanks again Chani! you know I'm very proud of my girls and what they do!