Friday, June 20, 2014

Hudson Crossing; a relic in the water.

74  mostly sunny.
I ended up hiking in farther than I wanted to, and not painting the scene I originally wanted, but that's so often the case.

#325 Hudson Crossing Park

9 x 12


I liked this view of the river as the water rushes around these abutments whose function has long been over. The light and colors are brilliant!

As minimal as it is the abutments must look convincing, I'm not sure if I succeeded in this capacity.

The sun was directly on the panel, I don't generally like this arrangement, but here I thought it would be OK.  The only down side was the glare off the panel(and wet paint) was intense and It was hard to see my work, so yeah, that's a problem!

I fussed some with the drawing of the piers, but tried to keep it fresh and hold back on some of that.

The dark in the water is till the thing that gives depth, the light jumps out.

This is where I ended up, still a bit fussy, but a good practice.....

This is how I painted it, a nicer spot couldn't be found.


It's probably about 10 minutes hike from where I parked, I thought I'd paint something of the dredging that's going on here, but it didn't work out.

 This is Champlain Canal lock #5 and it was busy today.

Here is me at Spa Fine Art, yes they let me out of the house and sometimes I wander into civilization.......The paintings on the right are mine, I brought 5 more!

here is the link:


  1. Sometimes, life decides for us, changes our plans and it is good so: this painting is wonderful! This bridge relic with its reflection in the water is a fascinating spot.
    Good luck for your exhibition!

  2. Yes it is true, and it's a mystery as to how it works, "just where and what I'm going to paint" Thanks, as always!