Wednesday, June 18, 2014

King Rd, near and sticky.

80  F  humid, partly cloudy
Here is where I ended up today (with the painting, that is) It was late afternoon and I had been working outside all day.......

#323  King Rd & 59

8 x 10


This is a busy road, at rush hour and You know how I prefer to hide, but it's also not more than a few hundred yards from my house......

I was trying to "gather" my values, at least that's what I was thinking about.

The thing with getting the lights bright enough, is you can't, the sky emits light, paint doesn't, so you have to compensate, and go darker and then you loose color.

I learned that I could "fix" glare out of the photos tonight, that's something.

Not quite an hour on this little sketch, on days when I'm not able to do a proper painting, and that means I get to wake up and think about painting, I figure if I can get out there and push some paint around.........

I had some visitors today, a Dad with his two kids, about 4 and 6? they wanted to see what I was doing, so I had dad pick them up (one at a time)  so they could see the painting where I see it, fun!

Money shot.

I'm far enough off the road, and I could have walked here!


  1. Thanks again for showing the process. Nice that you had some interested visitors!

  2. Thanks Chani, the more I paint the less I care if people watch me or not, this makes finding a spot easier!

  3. I suppose it is like practising karate on the beach: you do it without caring about the people who are watching you. But if someone who have been watching asks you afterwards where you are training, when are the training times and so on, it is can be nice as well ;-)

  4. Yes, in the end you have to turn off all distractions to paint, but in some ways you still have to live in the world!