Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scotch Hill Road, long days, long shadows on a working farm.

80  F  partly cloudy, delicious late day light.
I got out late again, it's almost summer solstice, and we'll have the longest day of the year

#324  Scotch Hill Rd @ Reafield Farm Rd.

12 x 16


The light is so nice now, there is so much of it too! but going out this time means the light changes quickly.




This is a working farm, my scene has the working part front and center.

There was a lot of road, and these colors aren't right.

The color here is more accurate, the scene has a ton of detail, but I needed to tall the story with very little of it.

This was the scene at the end of my session,  The light had changed a lot, but what a scene!

The sight size shot, sorry about the quality of these, I don't know why the color looks so off.



  1. I like the final result! You could begin with a road series...

  2. Thanks Chani, the road is a theme for me, maybe a show of just roads......