Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Content Farm Rd. The countdown begins......

75  F   sunny some clouds.
Today's  "Money Shot"

Monday I leave for Germany, I'm not ready, but I'm getting there! Tomorrow I'll take down the Willows Bistro show, Friday is the Bennington Paint out taking place in downtown Bennington, Vt.

A busy time!
#352 Content Farm Rd.
8 x 10

I did this scene recently, it's just around the corner from my house. I was glad to get out, with all the preparations to be made and stuff to do.

It was after 7:00 when I started, and the sun is setting earlier......

I like this scene at this time because of the bright light on the mid-range hill, and the darkness surrounding it, like a frame, and then the far hill.

Here is where I ended up, not quite an hour....

This is the scene at the start of the session, I lost some of the drama by the end.  My challenge was to get the light areas light enough, to do that I had to get the darks darker.

Panels, lots of them! some for my trip, some for here!

 This is how I'm preparing paper, I soak it in Shellac, thinned down with de-natured alcohol, I'll cut them to size, and give them a 2nd coat.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tow path rd., down under the bridge. I 87.

73  F, Beautiful! Sunny!

I was in retail land, between dance drop-off and presentation, so I found my way to the river, the Mohawk, today in the town of Halfmoon,

#351 Mohawk River @ Twin Bridges

9 x 12

I'm not sure why I do these scenes, how I end up under a bridge.....

This is the 351st painting I've done since I re-booted, 27 months ago, that's an average of 13 per month, each done out doors all through the year.

I really like the way the water under the bridge looked, the shadow of the bridge, the doesn't look that way just anywhere on the river. Of course that all would change, and change again in the span of just over an hour. I also liked the bit of overbrush, (I missed that in yesterday's painting)

It was more complicated that I thought it would be, not just one bridge, but 2.

I did like the contrasts between the shadows and bright light, and the pattern they make.

The drewing was problematic in that I'm normally so cavalier about it, but my scenes are usually more forgiving, I had to fuss with this a bit to get the bridges to line up, and I never had the right-most arch steep enough....

 Here is where I ended up.  I'm using black. I probably could have thought through the drawing a bit more, but I focused on the light/shadow and let it slip.....

The scene at the end, the reflections changed a bit and the water was calmer when I started.There was also a lot more detail in the bridge than I wanted, but I could have done a better job at simplifying it.

Sight size shot. (how I paint it)

It is an awesome piece of work, and in this densely populated area only a few cars came by, this is in a dead end.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunset @ Reafield Farm Rd. Preparations are in full swing!

79  F  clear with large clouds.
I had to get out to paint today.....

Money shot

#350 Reafield Farm Rd.

11 x 14

The sun was setting, my favorite is to see the world back lit, and I got that. I started at about 6:00

This is the stage where there is a bit of confusion.....

I've been doing a bunch of "other things" so i can say I got them done before my trip, it's less than 2 weeks, and I'm also getting ready, if I can!

By this time the light is really starting to change, but I feel I have a handle on it and what I wanted  to do,  I couldn't chase it at this point, but I had enough to go on.

Very close......

Notice how different the color is in these photos. This one is too blue.

There are scenes like this, and they just draw you in......

A few cars came by.....

My pallet is including black, although I'm mixing a bit of ultramarine in with it......

These panels are for my trip to Germany, I'm useing 1/8th inch baltic birch plywood, it's really light, I'll have 24 of these and a lot of other surfaces as well..... I'm also making some for here now, and my return, because I'm really almost out....


I'll show more of my preparations as they happen......

Monday, July 21, 2014

Adirondack weekend (part 2) more newness!

This is from Friday, early evening. I hadn't taken a photo of it!

#346 Dock

8 x 10


This is on the Red River, a tributary of the Moose River, and within a huge track of land called the Moose River Wilderness Area.  I thank Mitch Lee, for giving me all sorts of places to paint. Mitch writes a newspaper column "growing up Adirondack" where he talks about his childhood adventures tramping around the wood with his dog.  He also works at the town office which is where I found him for his advice in finding spots, he had more than the almighty himself!

I'm working on  prepared canvas tapped to a board, I think I can make it work, and I want some for my trip to Germany.  Here is the darks, another new: black on my pallet.

This scene was all about the reflections....

So much detail.......

The colors of the rocks contrasted nicely with the water and foliage.

It was handy to have black and I don't think it had any detrimental effects.

#347 red river

11 x 14


Sight-size shot.

Money shot.

My scene.

The possibilities are endless!

I would end up doing 4 of 6 paintings on the dock, what better place?

This is on prepared paper, the texture is nice in a small format.

This is where I ended up on Saturday night.

#348 Dock & Princess

8 x 10

Oil on prepared paper

My Scene.

Another spot suggested by Mitch Lee.

The Money Shot

Sorry about the light.

This is Eagle's Nest Pond, a short but good little hike in from the 8th Lake campground.

When I got to the lake, I wanted to get to the north side, so I could get the back-lit trees, there was a bit of bushwhacking.

Like always the scene changes always!

#349  Eagle's Nest Pond

12 x 16


Sight size shot.

Sunday's "office", hard to find, harder to leave......