Sunday, July 13, 2014

A different angle on a familiar spot!

80 F  cloudy with some sun.
Today's money shot!

#341  Battenkill @ Battenville

11 x 14


The forecast was for rain in the afternoon, I was out and scouting this spot by 10:00, not bad, for me!

I've painted this bridge quite a few times, but never from this shore, there is a path, and it's active with fishermen, but none were here this morning.  When I first arrived the sun was out, it played with the clouds, but co-operated enough so I could get some shadows!

When the clouds are out there aren't many shadows, and not that much dark, so I put in what I could.

I did the light of the abutment next, then started in on the greens.  I forgot a second blue, but it didn't seem to matter. 

The water was still murky from the torrential rains we've had, but not as much as the Hoosick River two days ago, still it presented a challenge, and as an element I wasn't as excited as i was in general with this scene.

It was looking a bit flat at this point, my sun was coming and going, and I was able to get some depth into it....

Getting close!


At the last minute I straightened up some of the bridge, I didn't want it too tight, but it shouldn't distract either. 

Sight-size shot.

Ollie always likes to come to the river, he can swim......

This spot is very close to the parking spot, less than 100 yards! 


  1. Another good painting of this nice spot! Beautiful Ollie!

  2. Yes, such a great place, and Ollie loves to come to the river with me (except in the winter!) thanks Chani!

  3. Where is this bridge? I live in Greenwich so kinda curious

    1. This is the Battenville Bridge, County Rte. 61, very close to S.R. 29 The south side of the river has fishing access and well worn paths to get around, I've painted here many times.