Friday, July 11, 2014

A mid-summer day dream, muddy waters where there was ice.

80  F  Quintessential summer's day
The "money shot" from today. I started before noon, along the Hoosick river, b the Johnsonville bridge.

#339  Hoosick river @ Johnsonville Bridge.

12 x 16


This time of the year the overgrowth is very real, so my options on this view are limited, I've been down here a few times, but not in the summer.

I got a bit more red into the tone.....

The mud-colored water was was the shadow of the bridge in the water.

Moving right along....

The light didn't change that much, the shadow moved a bit, but the quality of light, stayed pretty much the same.

I liked the scene for the high contrasts between lights and darks, and their patterning. This is something that in nature, when you find "it" there it is, it's nature, and you can't just make this up.

The color of the water was elusive, sometimes it looked more reddish others more greenish, so what does one do?

The way the light illuminated the foliage was fantastic, it was interspersed, and not all bunched up.

This is where I ended up today after 1 1/2 hours.

This is the scene at the start of the session, about 11:00.

Sight-size shot.

There was a little driveway down to the river, it's a fire lane, so I parked here.

Never too far from danger......

This is a 5 x 7 of the anadama kiln @ Salem Art Works, I did it on Tuesday while hope was in her ceramics class.

#338 S. A. W. Backlot

5 x 7



  1. I remember this spot in the winter, it is so different now with all the vegetation:a amazing! Well done.

  2. Yes, I re-visit places and they are always so different! I often have to get a different viewpoint as the over-growth makes the first place impossible! as always, thanks for the comment!