Sunday, July 20, 2014

Adirondack Weekend: The familiar and the new.(Friday 7-18-14)

Beautiful, warm some sun, some clouds.
This weekend Hope and I went to the Cabin Thursday night, Alane and Emma came up late Friday.....

# 345 Hope reading on dock

7 x 10

Friday, July 18, 2014


I'm not sure how Hope agreed to sit still, she's generally in constant motion!

This was the first attempt at any kind of figurative work in I don't know how long,(that would be decades)

I couldn't get the face any better than this, and trying to put details in, like eye brows or lashes just made a mess, but it was a good exersize and now I'm not scared.

I started this Friday morning, sorry these photos are bad....

I'm hopelessly behind in making panels, so I'm happy to paint on paper...

#344 Princess

5 x 7


There is something unfamiliar in the familiar, and that's what I was looking at here. The lake in the morning is often smooth as glass, I wasn't ready to paint then..... but by the time I started this, the shadow of the Princess gave a clear view of the bottom of the lake......

Hope painting.....

Hope's painting!

This is the first photo. I forgot to take any more......but here we are doing more and more of the familiar. I did finish this and will, someday photograph and post it!

#346 Dock

8 x 10

This is my scene.


  1. Your portrait is interesting, I just like the lack of details (like this, it is Hope for you but it could be another little girl of her age for someone else). Your boat and this place invite for a rest and/or a swim!
    And Hope's painting is beautiful! Did she give a name to it? For me, it is "Nature and Harmony" or "A Summer Day in the Nature" ;-)

  2. Thanks Chani! trying to paint a portraits has been on my mind for a while, and this was an ice breaker, plus I had a willing model.... who's also an artist!

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