Monday, July 7, 2014

Adirondack weekend (part 2) A bald spot and a princess.

beautiful weather all weekend!
This was Saturday early evening I hiked up to "Bill's bald spot" overlooking Big Moose Lake. I've been up here twice, once continuing on to Squash pond, once before this very scene.

#335 view of Big Moose Lake

11 x 14


This is the third time to climb this trail, the entrance is pretty hidden, but I know it's there!

The trail up is pretty steep, but it's short, a good little work out takes about 20 minutes.

The same lighting conditions existed last year! My panel started in the dark.

As soon as I started the light dappled onto it, I went on....

There were actually clouds at the beginning, and I wish I had painted them, before they disappeared!

Judging the tones when you're in the dark is a challenge'

I had three visitors that day!

This is the biggest view I've done in a while, I'm not sure if there really me, but once in a while it's OK.

This is where I ended up, and although I like the way the light moves, it's too much to chase......

This was the scene at the beginning.

This was the end.

There is a lean-to, an awesome spot!

I'm in the fire pit!

Some one put up new arrows and that was much appreciated!

I want to master the water in late day light, it's so cool looking.........This boat is called the princess.....

By 1/2 hr. or so th light is gone!

This was taken this morning.

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  1. Another beautiful scene. It must have been difficult to achieve this with the changing light...