Monday, July 21, 2014

Adirondack weekend (part 2) more newness!

This is from Friday, early evening. I hadn't taken a photo of it!

#346 Dock

8 x 10


This is on the Red River, a tributary of the Moose River, and within a huge track of land called the Moose River Wilderness Area.  I thank Mitch Lee, for giving me all sorts of places to paint. Mitch writes a newspaper column "growing up Adirondack" where he talks about his childhood adventures tramping around the wood with his dog.  He also works at the town office which is where I found him for his advice in finding spots, he had more than the almighty himself!

I'm working on  prepared canvas tapped to a board, I think I can make it work, and I want some for my trip to Germany.  Here is the darks, another new: black on my pallet.

This scene was all about the reflections....

So much detail.......

The colors of the rocks contrasted nicely with the water and foliage.

It was handy to have black and I don't think it had any detrimental effects.

#347 red river

11 x 14


Sight-size shot.

Money shot.

My scene.

The possibilities are endless!

I would end up doing 4 of 6 paintings on the dock, what better place?

This is on prepared paper, the texture is nice in a small format.

This is where I ended up on Saturday night.

#348 Dock & Princess

8 x 10

Oil on prepared paper

My Scene.

Another spot suggested by Mitch Lee.

The Money Shot

Sorry about the light.

This is Eagle's Nest Pond, a short but good little hike in from the 8th Lake campground.

When I got to the lake, I wanted to get to the north side, so I could get the back-lit trees, there was a bit of bushwhacking.

Like always the scene changes always!

#349  Eagle's Nest Pond

12 x 16


Sight size shot.

Sunday's "office", hard to find, harder to leave......


  1. Beautiful spots indeed with that water and green foliage! Well done.

  2. Wonderful Adirondacky feel! And you're so brave using black, worked well.


  3. Thanks Diane! The Adirondacks are very special to me, painting there has joys and challenges, I love it! I tried black once a year or so ago, I'm not sure if it will stick this time, I still have ultramarine and burnt sienna on my pallet as a security blanket, I like what black can do.